2.5W wireless charging receiving control SOC

CV8011 is a high-integration, high-efficiency, low-power, wireless charging receiver chip that conforms to the WPC 1.2 protocol. It integrates a high-efficiency full synchronous rectifier and a low-dropout voltage regulator (LDO), which can realize a non-contact wireless charging receiving solution on a single chip.

The CV8011 is packaged in QFN24, which is small in size and can significantly reduce PCB size and BOM cost.

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1、Highly integrated 2.5W wireless charging receiver chip

2、Compliant with WPC V1.2 version Qi protocol

3、Can pass WPC BPP certification

4、The output voltage is 5V

5、Adjustable output current, up to 500mA

6、Built-in 12bits 11-channel ADC

7、Embedded 8-bit RISC reduced core

8、Reliable overvoltage, overtemperature and output overcurrent protection

9、temperature check

10、Built-in low voltage protection

11、Meets high EMI/EMC specifications

Wearable devices such as smart watches and bracelets

TWS earphone charging case

electric toothbrush

All kinds of low-power smart devices

Smart Home and IoT

Title Download Release date
CV90330 Product Specification    2022-05-30