5W wireless charging receiving control SOC

The CV8013NK is a high efficiency, Qi-compliant wireless power receiver, targeted for 5W portable applications. The CV8013NK converts an AC power signal from a resonant tank into a regulated DC output voltage with 5V. Which integrated Low RDS(on) synchronous rectifier and ultra-low dropout offer high efficiency making the product ideally suited for battery-operated applications.

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CV8013NK integrated an 1T-8051 Microprocessor offering a high level of program ability, an 12bit high precise ADC, a programmable current limit. High integration, To minimizing the external component count and cost effective solution. Work with different WPC compliance transmitter (TX), CV 8013 can deliver 5W.

1、Single-chip RX solution supporting up to 5W application
2、Compatible with WPC v1.2.4 Qi Standard
3、Internal Integrated High efficiency Synchronous Rectifier
4、Up to 83% peak DC-DC efficiency with CV90326 TX
5、Programmable current limit
6、Embedded Microprocessor
7、Over voltage, over current, over temperature protection
8、Integrated AD-Enable for wireless by-pass
9、~20 to +85°C ambient operating temperature range
10、QFN32 (5mm x 5mm; 0.5mm pitch)

Wireless power RTx solution for portable devices
Mobile phone
TWS Earbuds
Stationary device power supply

Title Download Release date
CV8013Nk Product Specification    2022-05-30